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Molecule cargo shorts for men

Molecule cargo shorts are known for the hard-wearing and durable material, which makes them extremely long-lasting. Molecule has been making cargo shorts and trousers for over 20 years, and has helped to create and set the standard trend for the street trend. They are, to this day, one of the most recognized brands within quality cargo clothing. Throughout time, Molecule has focused on creating as timeless a design as possible, which has helped to ensure that they are still part of the cityscape.

A classic for summer

When you talk about fashion and street clothes, you can't avoid cargo clothes - and therefore cargo shorts. Trends come and go, but cargo shorts and trousers always have and always will be found. The trousers have always been popular, but can be a little warm to wear in the summer heat. Cargo shorts are therefore the perfect alternative to cargo pants . You still get the super cool baggy design with the well-known pocket on the side. They are available in just as many trendy colors, with various Army and Camouflage color combinations. The Army and Camouflage colors have always characterized Cargo and the clothing and street fashion in general, as it is inspired by real military clothing, and was first used by British and American soldiers during the Second World War.

Fashion that never goes away

Fashion is something that flares up and disappears again, and then perhaps comes back several decades later. When you talk about cargo shorts, it's something that never goes out of style. Part of that profit can be attributed to Molecule, which has always been the forerunner of street clothes and a brand many other manufacturers have been inspired by. With over 20 years of experience in street clothes, trends and fashion, they are the experienced boy in the class and many of their clothes, especially cargo pants and shorts, have gone on to become true classics. Molecule also makes cargo pants and belts. We have the largest selection of all their products here on our webshop, so take a look around. If you love Molecule's Cargo shorts, you will also be a fan of their Cargo pants.

What are cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts, knickers or trousers are best characterized by being a piece of clothing that has many pockets and is made of a hard-wearing material. Originally, cargo clothing was used by the military, where it was an advantage with the many pockets so they could easily get to their ammunition and the like.

What should you pay attention to when choosing cargo shorts?

When choosing your Molecule product - including shorts - it is always a good idea to use the size guide or ask our support for advice. The models have 3 different fits - baggy. Regular and fit – why e.g. a medium in a baggy model is not the same as a medium in a fit model.

Are cargo shorts suitable for travel?

If you are going out and about, Molecule's shorts are absolutely suitable. Molecule's shorts are actually known as travel shorts, as they were originally spread around the world by backpackers, surfers and divers who lived in their shorts on world tours. If you are backpacking or on a hike with a pack, we can recommend our shorts in ripstop, also known as parachute fabric. This material is light and airy, which is why it is easier to pack and more breathable on your trip.

What should you pay attention to when washing cargo shorts?

When you wash your shorts, we recommend that you zip and close all buttons and zips and turn the product inside out. In this way, you take best care of both the colors and fit of your shorts and spare your washing machine. Shorts, knickers and trousers can be washed at MAX 60 degrees, but we recommend that they only be washed at 40 degrees, as this gives your product a longer lifespan.

Are cargo shorts better for warm or cooler weather conditions?

This of course depends on how much of a Viking you are! Normally, our shorts are worn when the weather is a little warmer, but we actually have customers who wear shorts and knickers all year round, even though in Denmark we also have colder periods. If you want more airy and light shorts, our models in ripstop are a good choice, as they are more breathable than the models in heavy duty, which are a heavier and stronger cotton product.